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Africa Health Research Institute

Column Description Number of Data Points
Pt pt_id Unique identifier for the participant 3,689
Pt sex Biological sex 3,689
Pt dob_month Date of birth month 3,686
Pt dob_year Date of birth year 3,688
Pt age_enrol Age at enrolment 2,288
Pt geo_city City in which the sample was taken 522
Pt tribe Tribe 909
Pt religion_enrol Religion 220
Pt pregnant_ever Participant has been pregnant 1,223
Pt circumcised Participant reported circumcision 2,499
Pt tb_ever Participant has had TB 1,063
Pt ever_art Participant has been on ART 1,514
Pt last_seen_dt Date last seen 3,689
Pt deceased_dt Date of death 14
Pt last_neg_dt Date of last HIV negative result 623
Pt first_pos_dt Date of earliest HIV positive result 3,342
Visit visit_dt Date of visit or event / sample date 3,689
Visit on_art Participant is on ART 1,518
Visit age_at_visit Age at visit 3,686
Visit knows_status Participant knows own HIV status 1,104
Visit is_pregnant Participant is currently pregnant 1,848
ART art_clin_start_dt Earliest known date when ART was initiated (clinical) 2,606
ART art_regimen ART regimen at visit 2,725
ART art_stop_dt Date ART regimen was stopped 307
ART art_stop_reason Reason ART regimen was stopped 4
ART art_notes Notes on ART regimen 268
CD4 cd4_dt Date of CD4 measurement 2,578
CD4 cd4_count CD4 count value 3,680
CD4 cd4_range CD4 count as range 3,680
CD4 cd4_percentage CD4 percentage 577
HIVTest hiv_neg_dt Date of HIV negative result 187
HIVTest hiv_pos_dt Date of HIV positive result 2,577
HIVTest is_positive HIV test result positive 3,689
VL vl_dt Date of viral load assay 2,578
VL vl_result Viral load value 3,032
VL vl_range Viral load as range 3,032