PANGEA Cohorts and Data

The PANGEA database holds over 29,700 NGS sequence files from sub-Saharan Africa with basic epidemiological metadata associated with them. For some cohorts, extensive metadata is available; use the metadata tab to explore this data and contact us for more information.

We currently obtain full genomes from ~ 90% of high-quality samples, with many of the less-complete sequences originating from participants who are likely to be virally suppressed. See the resources section for sequencing protocols used.

Sampling Period Number of Sequences
Botswana 2004-2018 7,040
Kenya 2005-2013 1,386
South Africa 2004-2020 4,035
Tanzania 2005-2008 54
Uganda 2005-2021 10,878
Zambia 2013-2018 6,353